My Two Fave Women Chat About Giving Yourself Props!

by Oct 24, 2021Chill

Say hello to my two mentors, Mel Robbins and Marie Forleo. I received this video in my inbox from my MF subscription, and I promise you, I said out loud “holy s#it! they know each other?”. Well of course they do! I mean duh… they’re sistas from another motha, fa sho! I have been following Marie Forleo since day one of my 2nd start-up, and consuming everything “Mel Robbins” for 4+ years now, they are AWESOME!

This video interview announces Mel’s new book, “The High 5 Habit: Take Control of Your Life with One Simple Habit”. If you are not familiar with Mel Robbins… you HAVE to listen to this woman. Mel is a no nonsense, logical, intelligent, life hack expert, analyst, speaker, sneaker wearin’, timely swearin’, rad mama! I LOVE her voice… not just literally but also figuratively. Her book “The 5 Second Rule” changed the way I approach every icky task I have to tackle… like getting out of bed in the morning, UGH! If you like the sound of her voice, like I do, check out all of her book selections on Audible.

Anyway… enough about what I think of Mel (btw… Marie is also totally rad) enjoy this video on Marie Forleo’s website and while you’re there check-out Marie’s goodies including “Everything is Figureoutable” sooooo good.

Watch video here!


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