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by Jun 6, 2021Chill

Hi, my name is Katie and I’m an addict… tv watching and streaming are my choices of mood-altering substances. I have been addicted since an early age. JP Patches and Wunda Wunda are my first tv memories… sitting 10″ from the boob tube, and dad strolling through the LR saying “you’re gonna ruin your eyes, Boo” (yep! my dad’s nickname for me was Boo, haha). Anyway, I love me some tv, so I thought I would share some series I have watched and re-watched over the last 2+ years.

binge-worthy recommendations

KINGDOM – First of all, I would not say I am a huge MMA fan, I do like boxing… but wasn’t entirely sure I would like a series based on MMA fighting, but I loved it! The series is based on an aging fighter, Frank Grillo, who owns a gym with his girlfriend and has his 2 sons who are MMA fighters… Hello Jonathan Tucker, AND this will throw ya, Nick Jonas! Ok, I too was like, Nick Jonas is in this, WTF? Well, turns out this cutie isn’t a horrible actor, not a lot of lines, the sweet, silent, character, but with a juicy twist. It’s rough and sexy and has well-defined characters. Watch on Netflix. I give it a 5 out of 5 F’s.

THE HANDMAID’S TALE – This series is based on a super weird concept! It takes a minute to get into it, but the crazy premise keeps you coming back. Set in a dystopian future, June, played by Elizabeth Moss, is forced to become a handmaid, a concubine for a Commander (white patriarchy of men running the new country) whose wives are not allowed to birth children, so the handmaids do all the dirty work. The Martha’s do all the household chores and people are hung in the town square on the regular. Control, anarchy, disgusting behavior, and cringe-worthy sex scenes… Ima leave it at that. Watch on hulu. I give it 4 out of 5 F’s.

Grace and Frankie – I mean, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin together… what more could you ask for? These women are iconic and have still got their acting chops! Throw in Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston that play Jane and Lily’s husbands, older gentlemen law partners that fall in love, a great cast of supporting actors, excellent snarky writing and you’ve got a fun, binge-worthy rom-com series. Can’t wait for the next season! Watch on Netflix. I give it 5 out of 5 F’s.

Ted Lasso Ok… this was unexpected. At first look, the show looks like it might be a dippy sports-ball sitcom, nope! Jason Sudeikis is a quirky mid-western football coach that takes a job as a soccer (football) coach in the U.K. The supporting cast is amazing, especially Coach Beard, Ted’s assistant coach, his weirdness and sharp humor is everything. Watch on AppleTV. 5 out of 5 F’s fa-sho!

Schitt’s Creek Do you like non-stop giggles and sudden bursts of belly laughs? Yes? Ok… pull up season one, episode one of Schitt’s Creek. Eugene and Dan Levy are genii! Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy) is a rich video-store magnate that loses all his money and moves his family to a broke-ass motel in Schitt’s Creek, a town he bought for his son David (Dan Levy) as a gag birthday gift. Maura, the mom, played by Catherine O’Hara is nuts… and her wardrobe is a feast for the eyes. I love her so much! Annie Murphy as Alexis will drive you a little crazy, but you will fall in love with her quirky hand gestures and the way she says “David!”. 5 out 5 F’s and a first choice to re-watch any episode, anytime.

Ozark A dark, slow roll to craziness. Jason Bateman is a unique actor. His naturally laid-back delivery and his sharp-tongued style are perfectly portrayed in Marty, a financial advisor turned money launderer in the Ozarks. Some backwoods criminal-type folks get in the mix as this suburban family of four navigate their new norm of scheming, hiding, and a life of crime. Special mention; Julia Garner as Ruth… will blow your mind! Watch on Netflix. 5 out of 5 F’s.

Breaking Bad Never could I imagine that a story of a chemistry teacher-turned-drug dealer would suck me in so hard! Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul take you on a wild ride of drug-infused lives and lies with twists and turns that are really unbelievable. Every single character, from the son to the Uncle, is so well developed and acted, that there are never any episodes or seasons that you would dare miss. Watch on Netflix. 5 out of 5 F’s, and mos def a re-watch shows.

Enjoy! xo-Katie


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