Hey YouTube! I think I love you…

by Apr 5, 2021Chill

Chillin’ chillin’ minding my business (🎶 Shoop by Salt & Pepa is my go-to karaoke song) and I’m surfin’ YouTube.
Cribs, comedy, cat videos, music, sports, fashion, how-tos, workouts, movies & shows… YT has it all! My latest obsession is Architectural Digests celebrity home tours show, Open Door, it’s the new CRIBS, (you’ll get that if you’re over 30) I will watch almost any house tour. Also… being a visual learner, I go to YT to search for how to do anything and everything. Sometimes I just gotta see a music artist perform, either on stage or in a music video, I go to YT! Not sure what you would look for on YouTube… ok, let’s go!

Suggestions to get you started:

PODCASTS: (watch & listen)
SMARTLESS w/ Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes 😂
HOT ONES hot questions and even hotter wings with celebrities 🥵
CAT VIDEOS funniest cats ever 😻
AIRSTREAM BUILD-OUT watch an old airstream trailer get tricked-out (I want one!) 🚃
Queen Bey – mesmerizing 😳
Top 30 most-watched music videos
10 Minute Good Morning Workout w/ Pamela Reif
POPSugar Fitness – so many to choose from
Fabulous50’s – full-body stretch (I do this one a lot)
The Power of Introverts – eye opening 🤓

GAMER?: search your fav game, get tips & tricks 🎮
SMARTPHONE UPDATE: search YT for your phone and see what new cool shit your phone can do 📲
iPhone 14.4.2 update
Samsung update
HOW TO: OMG! you can learn how to do anything on YT! 🔧
Reset your Airpods
First steps to abstract painting
Nicki Swift spills all the tea 🫖
Weekend Update – I love Colin Jost 💞
It’s Britney, bitch 💃
Mel Robbins – Listening to Mel’s no-bullshit way of taking on anything, gives me life!

Ummmmm… HELLO Daveed Diggs! A) I love him, B) he has awesome taste in women-Emmy Raver-Lampman, C) their home is tasteful, personal, artistic, and fresh… check-it-out!

Some other rad pads I can recommend on Open Door are, and in no particular order; Hilary Duff, Lenny Kravitz, (swoon, the man oozes sex) Kendall Jenner and, Liv Tyler, so much enjoyable house envy, have fun!

Music… take a trip down memory lane and search music videos. I raised my kids on MTV, it was the background for our playtime of building forts, playing with legos, and various other activities. One of my son’s fave videos was Van Halen’s Panama, when he was around 4, he would lose his shit when Eddie Van Halen would run at the camera with his guitar and David Lee Roth would scissor kick his way across the screen… Branty would sing 🎼PANAMA🎼 at the top of his lungs. It was awesome! My husband and I loved seeing our kids get such happiness from music because we both love music so much. To this day if one of us hears Panama we sing, text or call Brant to let him know his song is on. Haha (Brant is lead guitar in a doom-rock band going on 10+ years now 🤘🏻)

Not to be that braggy, bragster mom (EW!) but, my daughter Kelsey used to be a back-up dancer for Macklemore, so I thought I would treat you to this dope video and song you may not know existed, AND WE DANCED. (Kels has a long blonde ponytail and red letterman jacket on) Enjoy!

Go down the wormhole that is Youtube, it’s addictive and YOU get to pick what you see, so much better than scrolling a feed that has been manipulated by the patriarchy. 😬 xo-Katie


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