Are We Loving Wallpaper? I Don’t Know!

by Nov 2, 2021Decor

I am undecided on wallpaper. Sometimes I love the look, sometimes I’m like “that’s a lot!”. Why am I even bringing this up you ask… remodel life, yes that’s right, once you open that vein, it bleeds into every room. Should I add an accent wall, should I change my colors, should I get a new couch, should I put up wallpaper? First world problems, I know, but it’s my life right now!

Hello, my name is Katie and I’m an HGTV addict and that does not help when you’ve finally made a decision on a faucet or a very specific farmhouse sink… when all the sudden you pop on Leann Ford’s newest episode and she’s using a cooler one in a precious little cottage that she’s refurbishing, UGH!

Anyway, I digress…back to wallpaper. I have never hung wallpaper, I can probably do it, but do it well(?) ummm, that’s a hard no! I want to do it, but would I mess it up? Should I hire a pro? Probably.

Here’s the issue, I am OBSESSED with this artichoke wallpaper pattern from Serena & Lilly.

I have no idea where I want to put it… but I really love it! Kitchen seems logical, artichoke, food, cooking, la la la, but I really won’t have a perfect wall for it once the open concept is created. Hallway maybe? That’s a lot of broken-up walls to cover (doors break it up) AND the previous owner textured the walls, WHY? WHY? WHY? so I would probably need to hire a pro to install it. How much does that cost? I’m sure it’s A LOT! So, back to just visiting it on the S&L website and the lovely idea of it.

Another option for me to covet this design… they have this pattern available in fabric, but it’s $78 a yard, holy s#it! I guess pillows are an option, but a set of matching chairs would be GUCCI! Still contemplating how to make the wallpaper thing happen though. @ me if you know a local (Seattle area) wallpaper installer that won’t gouge me to death, xo-Katie


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