Are Ripped Jeans Still A Thing?

by Jan 12, 2021Fashion

Yep, I’m still wearing ripped jeans… but I did recently ask my daughter, who lives in L.A., if they are a still a thing… I check with her on everything “trend”, and she said “YAS, QUEEN!”. Man, I love that cool kid! So yea looks like they are still a thing. And I am very happy they are, I’m still really feelin’ this look. Pulling them off is really just a matter of styling and attitude. Fit is also important. I like a boyfriend jean, mostly because they are loose and comfy, and they also seem to look good on all bod types. I also like the black skinnies seen below on the hottie below hangin’ with Lenny Kravitz. I wear a lot of black, so I have many pairs of black pants, but my gently ripped ones are my very fave right now.

Lenny and I are only 3 years apart, so if he can make it work, so can I. The dark ripped jeans, denim shirt and camel boots on these two babes totally work and would look just as good on us ladies. Selena Gomez is wearing the front tuck and loose back shirt look with her skinny rips and she looks fly! AND, I still love me a wedge sandal. Also, don’t feel like you always have to roll your longer jeans, I’m feelin’ Selena’s bunched at the ankle look, it looks intentionally messy.

Too old to wear ripped jeans? Hey, you’re as old as you feel. These fashion queens look sophisticated and on-point. It’s fun to have this look in your closet for those days you want to look casual and hip. Good boots or sneakers, a sporty jacket or animal-print cardigan, and of course, great accessories bring it all together. Don’t forget your mask!

One rule I would suggest for the gorgeous mid-life fashion enthusiast, is to leave the full-on-open-leg ripped jeans to our younger fashionistas. Keep it classy mi amore! xo-Katie


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